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Barbera DOC

Wine made from Barbera grapes.

  • grapes
    mono-crop barbera.
  • vines
    the grapes come from old vines, Guyot trained, 1.80m between rows, 1m between vine stocks, and new vines: Guyot trained, 2.50m between rows, 1m between vine stocks. 16-18 buds per vine. Clay limestone soil with good balance of organic matter. The vineyards are mown and mulched. The antiparasitic treatments with low environmental impact are carried out only when the seasonal weather conditions require it. The vines are thinned after flowering.
  • yield
    80-90 q hectare.
  • harvest
    the grapes are picked by hand at the end of September.
  • alcohol
    12% vol.
Barbera DOC - Wine made from Barbera grapes.
  • vinification
    in steel tanks after destemming, on the skins for 8-10 days.
  • ageing
    3 months in a tank then bottled for at least 40 days.
  • characteristics
    in the glass the wine is ruby red with purple hues. Good body. The bouquet is intense, complex, vinous with hints of red fruits. On the palate, it is dry, warm, with good acidity and tannins. Good balance, intensity and afternotes. Any deposits are a sign of the natural evolution of the wine.
  • serving temperature
  • food pairing
    the acidity and the tannicity of this wine make it ideal with traditional dishes such as meat ravioli, roast red meats, pot roasts and stewed game.