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Rosè DOC

Pinot Nero grapes vinified in rosè.

  • grapes
    pinot nero 100%.
  • vines
    the vines were planted fairly recently, Guyot training, 2.50m between rows, 0.90m between vinestocks. 9-10 buds per vine. Medium limestone clay with some marl, good balance of organic matter. The vineyards are mown and mulched. The antiparasitic treatments with low environmental impact are carried out only when the seasonal weather conditions require it. The vines are thinned by 7-10% after flowering.
  • yield
    50 q hectare.
  • harvest
    the grapes are picked by hand at the end of August.
  • alcohol
    11.5% vol.
Rosè DOC - Pinot Nero grapes vinified in rosè.
  • vinification
    soft pressing with brief time on the skins (6-7 hours).
  • ageing
    in steel vats for 3 months, then in the bottle for at least 40 days.
  • characteristics
    in the glass it is clear with an inviting light pink colour. Quite consistent. The bouquet is fairly intense and quite complex, fine. Floral and fruity. On the palate it is dry, quite soft, fresh. Fair persistence, fine.
  • serving temperature
  • food pairing
    excellent as an aperitif, it also goes well with quiches, rice salad, zucchini flowers, vegetable dishes, shellfish and fish.