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Buttafuoco riserva

Wine made from Barbera, Croatina and Uva Rara grapes. 'Praposollo' vineyard

  • grapes
    barbera 80%, croatina and uva rara in varying percentages.
  • vines
    grapes come from well-established vines. Guyot training, 1.80m between rows, 1m between vinestocks. 10-18 buds per vine. Semi-light soil with good balance of organic matter. The vineyards are mown and mulched. The antiparasitic treatments with low environmental impact are carried out only when the seasonal weather conditions require it. The vines are thinned 7-10% after flowering.
  • yield
    40-50 q hectare.
  • harvest
    the grapes are picked by hand in early October and selected in the vineyard.
  • alcohol
    13.5% vol.
Buttafuoco riserva - Wine made from Barbera, Croatina and Uva Rara grapes. 'Praposollo' vineyard
  • vinification
    in steel vats after destalking, on the skins for fifteen to twenty days. Vinification takes place without added sulphites, which develop naturally due to the long contact with the skins.
  • ageing
    in vats for three months, in second-third passage barriques for at least 18 months, then in the bottle for at least 60 days.
  • characteristics
    in the glass it is garnet red. Good consistency. Intense, complex, fine. Notes of sweet spices, tobacco, ripe red fruit. On the palate it is warm, with good softness. Quite fresh, soft tannins. Good intensity and persistent taste. The presence of any deposit in the bottle is a sign of the natural evolution of the wine.
  • serving temperature
    to better exalt the characteristics of the wine, it should be drunk at 18-20°C. It is therefore advisable to bring the bottle up from the cellar at least 24 hours before serving and to open it at least 3 hours before serving.
  • food pairing
    excellent with traditional dishes such as meat ravioli, stews, pot roast game with polenta. Grilled red meats. Mature cheeses.