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Vigna La Rugiada

  • grapes
    mono-crop Chardonnay
  • vines
    Guyot, mt 2,50 between rows, mt 1,50 between vines. 18-20 buds per vine. Terroir: limey clay with marn veining a good balance of organic substances
  • yield
    80 q hectare
  • harvest
    the grapes are hand picked during the end of August
  • vinification
    soft pressing without skin contact
  • ageing
    in tanks for 3 months followed by 8 months in wooden barrels then bottled for at least 40 days
  • alcohol
    12% abv.
  • bottle
  • colour
    golden yellow
  • bouquet
    white fruit and flowers, vanilla and sweet spices
  • tasting notes
    a good freshness and sapid, smooth with a good persistance
  • serving temperature
  • food pairing
    medium matured cheeses, fried courgette flowers, mushrooms and savory dishes