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Riesling Riserva

Vigna del Lodigiano

  • grapes
    Riesling Italico
  • vines
    old vineyard, planting density 1.8m between rows, 2.20m between plants. Bud load 18. Chalky clay soil with a good quantity of organic matter. Thinning 7-10%
  • yield
    40-50 q hectare
  • harvest
    mid-September with manual harvesting and selection of the grapes
  • vinification
    in steel vats after destemming and on the skins for 15-20 days
  • ageing
    in the vats for three months, then in barrique for the second and third stages which take 18 months, aging in the bottle for at least 60 days
  • alcohol
    13% abv.
  • bottle
  • colour
    golden with amber hues
  • bouquet
    aromas of ripe yellow fruits, note of liquorice
  • tasting notes
    a full-bodied wine with good acidity and tannins
  • serving temperature
  • food pairing
    matured cheeses, dry pastries and biscuits, chocolate